DJ Soltrix

Description is a site dedicated to this Latin remixer & producer and his work. It displays all of his work that he has done and all of his upcoming gigs. This React Gatsby site uses a combination of plugins, API's, and a headless CMS, Contentful, that allows him to update his newest singles and a blog to keep his fanbase up to date on whats new with DJ Soltrix. Site is hosted via Netlify and utilizes the trigger builds using Zapier to always have an updated site.

Path Trading Partners


This site was made using React Gatsby and incorporates some Gatsby plugins including 'gatsby-youtube' that renders their stock trading videos from their Youtube channel. I also used GarphiQL to render data from that channel as well as the headlessCMS Contentful. PTP is hosted with inMotion Hosting.

PC Builder


A MERN app that allows a user to build a custom PC with full CRUD routes. This was a group project organized using Airtable and Github branches

TUNR. Playlist


TUNR. For all your playlist needs! Allows you to create a list database of songs you listen to and add certain songs to your favorites! Frontend created in React and backend in Rails with full CRUD functionality.

Lord of the Rings Map


A fun interactive map that uses jQuery and some CSS to create the journey of Bilbo Baggins and his companions.

My Portfolio


This is my portfolio created using Gatsby as my front end and using GraphQL. I've also integraded Contentful to create my own blogs(blogs coming soon!). I implemented a few of the React libraries such as react-bootstrap and react-icons. I also applied some Styled Components along with some traditional CSS which also includes some animations.